Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Selected Paintings

Just realized I still have a blog. Haven't updated it in forever so here are some of the more recent personal work I've been making. So to recap from where I've left off,  just after graduation in 2011 I began working at Framestore NY, as a concept artist / animator. I had no idea I was even a concept artist until they told me I was. Just around December 2011 I left Framestore and began working here at Nathan Love as a concept artist / animator.  It is truly the best animation studio to work at.; great work, and even greater people. As my day is crammed with working on commercials all day, I've tried to manage time to work on my personal work aswel. Pretty much everything I make that is my original art is all done on my hour long train ride commuting from Jersey to work. This leaves me enough time to paint 1 image every 2 months! So I've started a new series called "Sea Pumpkins". I've recently had a show with artist David Banegas in Red Bank at the Banegas Gallery and showed 4 pieces there. Here are some of the personal "Train ride works" I've done in the previous months. Enjoy :)

Jack White painting on small wood tile

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